Difficult garden areas – awakening forgotten spaces

In May the lovely people @Essence magazine, Surrey’s premier lifestyle magazine, published my ‘Forgotten Spaces’ garden design article.  It tackles the thorny issue of those difficult garden areas and provides inspiration to bring them back to life.  The overgrown, underused spaces which lie in the corner, at the back of the garden or tucked behind the outhouse – they could be beautiful areas and often just need reappraised and reinvigorated.

Indeed it is a busy time of year with our gardens in full swing.  The mild winter and wet, warm spring are creating super plants so if you have an area which needs some attention now is the perfect time to consider your challenging spaces.  We take on projects large and small and are about to start work on this difficult garden area – a border within a beautiful garden in Weybridge.  A woodland border, within a larger stunning garden, it required some careful thought to update and integrate it into the existing garden.

Forgotten Space

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss your garden or a forgotten space within it.

Forgotten Spaces Article in Essence Magazine, Surrey's premier lifestyle magazine

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